Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Letter To Myself

Dear Tiffany,
Baby girl your too beautiful to be stressed. 
Let go of the burdens and realize your more than blessed. 
Life will always have unexpected battles and people will let you down. But God... has promised you he'll foreverrrrrr be around. 
Be at peace Tiff, don't let NO One still your joy. With your soul it is well. 
Just keep praying, keeping living according to God's will and you won't fail. 
Don't let your faith waver God always prevail.  

Monday, April 11, 2016

"Poetically Thinking"

God bless the woman deep within me. 
Protect this strong woman internally and externally ...
Everyday I strive to live peacefully and heavenly. 
I too fall short of God's Glory. 
When I stumble Lord please restrengthen me. 
Anoint my mind as I create my own legacy. 
When I'm weak fill me with your energy. 
Dear Life, Come what may, Jesus Christ is my remedy.  
Block out every assignment of the enemy. 
Make me slow to anger and quick to forgive my enemies. 
No matter what lies ahead Lord thank you for my blessings.  
Together Lord, You and I have the perfect chemistry. 
God I love you endlessly. 

Sincerely, Your Daughter 
Tiffany. ❣

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bless Even Me...

God bless the woman deep within me. 
Protect the strong woman I'm destined to be. 
Everyday I will strive to live peacefully and heavenly. 
I too fall short of God's Glory. 
When I stumble restrengthen me. 
Anoint my mind as I create my legacy. 
When I'm weak fill me with your energy. 
Come what may, Jesus Christ is my remedy.  
Block out every assignment of the enemy. 
Make me slow to anger and quick to forgive my enemies. 
No matter what lies ahead thank you for my blessings.  
You and I have the perfect chemistry. 
God I love you endlessly. 
Lord please order my steps as I walk in my DESTINY. 
Poetic Tiffany Poet 

I ❤️ This.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


For me there is NO New Years Resolution. 
I want to plant godly seeds and reap all of God's contributions. 
I have to stay mindful that whatever the question, problem or circumstance Jesus is the solution. 
I'm prepared for the Devils tactics knowing I serve a God who is Not of confusion. 
In 2016 there will be days where it seem as if troubles won't cease....
I Will Keep My mind stayed on thee because my God is a God of peace.  
Come what may "2016" I will praise God during the sunshine and during the storm...
God's word confirmed his plans are for me to prosper without harm...
I'm not perfect I will fall short in 2016, I'm human my case isn't special. 
Don't put me on a pedestal. 
I need Jesus just as bad as a homeless person lying on the street... 
I repent, and my needs Jesus meet. My everything is in Christ and in him alone I am complete. 
In "2016" I don't want to just be alive, but to Live...
My goal in "2016" is to be more forgiving there is somebody I must forgive. 
In "2016 I'm praying for more grace to continue own in this race...
This year I need Your grace more than these  words can say ...
Lord I want a brand-new start my Spirit please renew ...
Lord to you I want to be stuck to you like glue ...
In "2016" my faith may become shaken but God's grace will carry me through. 
In "2016" none of me lord but all of you...
In "2016" I need more LOVE, Lord teach me how to Love my enemies ... 
Lord in "2016" right the wrong, mend the broken, God you are my remedy. 
In "2016" I need more Faith to stand life's test...
I will praise God when I'm feeling stressed and blessed...
In "2016 I vow to practice what I post ...
In "2016" I need a whole lot of the Holy Ghost ....
In "2016" Fear will be outweighed by faith I must awaken all of my dreams. 
I have a destiny to fulfill in "2016" 

Copyright© 2016 
Poetic Tiffany Poet 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

"Missing Pieces"

For the past thirty plus years my life has been a million piece puzzle and some pieces are missing. 
I prayed for you. I longed for you. I needed you. It was like a irritated itch that just kept itching. Without you life has been an uphill battle, but I had to keep living. December 25, I got my blessing. There is no explanation to define hearing your voice, it seems like I'm in another world. I never knew what it felt like to hear you say I'm daddy's little girl. Now that little princes has turned into a queen. Yet, I'm grateful for you, it just feels like a dream. I forgive you, I love you I'm not here to judge. 
You said "I'm Sorry" I forgave you years ago, without ever hearing you say it, I'm not here to hold a grudge. 
I thought you didn't love me, I thought you didn't care. When you said "I Love You" my heart dropped. 
I've cried tears of Joy nonstop. 
Love is the perfect puzzle but sometimes were missing the pieces to complete it. Having you in my life just makes everything fit. 
I never knew how bad I needed you until I heard your voice. Please don't split. 
God has given us a second chance I pray you stay the course and don't quit. 
I love when God answers my prayers you are a light that he has shined in my life where it has been dark and dim. 
God can do more through us when we acknowledge we can't do anything without Him. 
Finding you was the best Christmas treat. 
I know my life is missing some pieces to its puzzle but my hearts puzzle is complete.

Copyright© 2015
Poetic Tiffany Poet

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Be Grateful"

Remember those without arms and legs 
When your feeling low, and materialistic things to God you pray and beg. 
It's about the little things, gratefulness you should should show.
To be honest your blessed more than you'll ever know. 
Count your blessings, and thank about the blind and those who can't hear. 
God has blessed you with sight and the ability to hear. 
Some people will never know what it feels like to take a step. 
Pause and thank God you don't have to depend on others for mobile help. 
Some people can't even talk, write or read...
Yet we always want more, when God has supplied our every need. 
Some people have illness with no cure ...
Be thankful that pains and procedures you don't have to endure. 
So many people are praying for what you have, clothes, food, a place to sleep. 
Tell God Thank You I'm Not homeless or living on these cold streets. 
During this holiday season someone has no friends, family, husband or wife. 
It's a blessing to have real love ones in your life. 
There is an addict somewhere lost and of this world, using their addiction to get by...
Pray for one another that we realize God is the best high....
There is somebody that see God everyday and still don't recognize his face. 
Thank God For His Saving Grace. 
Don't take anything for granted, God giveth and God taketh away. 
Life is short, be thankful for one more sunny day. 

Copyright© 2015 
Poetic Tiffany Poet 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

"Come What May"

"Come What May"

Glancing at myself not recognizing my own reflection lost without a guide, lonely without affection. God speak a word into my life that's gives me direction. 
So many tears throughout the years, broken bonds without reconciling, the main line I keep dialing, burdens constantly piling. 
But I refuse to be ungrateful so I'll keep smiling. 
Problems, circumstances, and heartfelt situations always find me, and as I pray, I ask God did my name you forget?
So much going on at one time, it's like I'm always in debt, I can't help but to fret, but a voice spoke to me and said, "I'm Not Finished With You Yet" 
Suddenly my faith outweighs my fears and I leap knowing God is my safety net. 
It's so easy to get caught up living in this world that you become of it, everything seems like an illusion. 
I shall be still, and remain unmoved my God is Not a God of confusion. 
While on this journey Satan has tried to take my soul, but Jesus had another plan. 
With every act of the enemy my faith always expands. 
God holds my today and tomorrow in the palm of His hand. 
I've felt like giving up, sadden, empty, weak, and low, crying out with no place to go, longing for my earthly mother. 
But God is greater, stronger, and higher than any other. 
Satan has tried to keep me bound and destroy my life, with storm after storm.  
My God has defeated Him by the power of His outstretched arm...
God told me weapons won't prosper although they will form. 
Because I am a child of God the world can't do me no harm...
With all the hurt, test, trials, setbacks,  I will tell myself troubles don't last, "This Too Shall Pass" 
Disappointments may come, disruptions may happen and life may become misunderstood, but God has promised that what was meant to harm me, He will use for my good ...
God you are my hiding place with you I'll stay. I find comfort in knowing you'll never go astray. 
So I'll wipe my tears away, stay focus, and pray. God is with me, so come what may...

Copyright© 2015 
Poetic Tiffany Poet 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Tiffany's Thought"

Don't become of this world. Don't submit to sin, lies and sneaking. 
Unplug and listen while God is speaking. 
The Holy Spirit is trying to reach your heart...
Tell the devil he can have the world just give me Jesus, make the right choice. 
Don't be so busy with worldly things and Not hear God's voice.  
Nobody said that life would be easy, some days will be hard and ironically odd. 
Hear what others have to say, but listen to God.

Copyright© 2015 
Poetic Tiffany Poet

Thursday, November 19, 2015


I'm depending on Jesus. The lover of my soul my very best friend.  
When we allow the Word of God into us, truth steps in!
God will reveal to us what he want us to know. 
God will bless us in due time, test and trials come and go. 
What you give you get, we must be careful because we reap what we sow. 
Lord continue to keep me, mold me, make me, and use me for your glory. 
With God, My burdens will be my blessings my entire life is based on a true story. 
Copyright© 2015 
Poetic Tiffany Poet 


Let it the flood gates of heaven. 
"Why wait for 11:11 when God is there 24/7"
Dear God I Need Thee...
If I'm lost guide me, If I'm wrong, right me...
Everything around me has changed, but you Lord remain. 
The enemy has invaded my brain. 
I'm enduring diff levels of pain. 
Sometimes I feel like my prayers are in vain. 
This journey I'm traveling is insane. 
But Grace and Mercy sustains. 
Weary days, hills to climb, sleepless nights. But I won't complain. 
Order my Steps Jesus continue to bless me again and again. The devil is a liar his ways and thoughts I will not entertain. 
This tedious journey can be a strain. 
God with you on my side blessings on blessing I will gain. 

Copyright© 2015 
Poetic Tiffany Poet 


Distressed and depressed. I'm sinking in quicksand. 
My Lord I'm calling on you and believing you for your word. I'll just be still and stand. 
God is always working with his left hand and holding me up with his righteous right hand. 
Lord I know for my life you have a miraculous plan. I know you have my miracle, I know you will move these mountains, I believe your word is true. 
You are my mountain mover and although I can't see it my faith tells my you will come through.  


Sometimes when you go through as much as I do you really feel like giving up and throwing in the towel. It's not that you don't have faith it's just you become tired. After 30 plus years I'm tired. Everybody expects you to be strong because that's all you know how to be with a lifestyle like this. It's like you have family but they don't get it. It weird for me to say I don't have a support system. Only God knows my thoughts. Only God feels my pain. Sometimes I get so tired of being strong to the point I just want to give up. 💔💔💔 No matter how tired I get I gotta keep praying and praising my way through. Paul and Silas taught us you can pray & praise your way out of any prison and chains the enemy has shackled you with. May God give me that Abraham kind of faith. Lord I pray for a more humble heart, help me be like Daniel in the bible and encourage myself in the Lord. Everybody see strength in me, even tho I feel distressed, I'm praying to find strength in the LORD. It worked for King David in the Bible and it will work for me. The older I get the worse I feel. I feel these challenges in my life could be a plan between God and the devil to test my faith just like Job in the bible was tested. When I get tired, I tap into the one who infuses me with strength. His strength is made perfect in my weakness. #EvenMeLord #INeedAMiracle   💔😥😰🙌🏽🙏🏽  

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Bounce Back"

Lord knows I have a lot on my plate. 
Fall down seven times...
Get up eight ...
I have to keep pressing...
My faith is my drive.
Only the Strong survive ...
I'm battling these battles...
Yes, God has conquered the War. 
 I'm in the army of the Lord, I'm a solider...
I've been cast out...
Lost with no where to go...
I've lived in constant doubt..
Life hits me with blow after blow...
This thing called life, I don't grasp, 
understand or know...
I'm a warrior, I'm a fighter...
I gotta stay strong even when my life's off track...
I have mastered the art of bouncing back..

Copyright© 2015 
Poetic Tiffany Poet 

Friday, October 30, 2015

"Tomorrow Isn't Promised"

"Tomorrow Isn't Promised "

People always say they will wait until a certain age to get right with God. It's not healthy to put your salvation on hold. 
Tomorrow is God Controlled. 
I just want to plant a seed in your mind. 
Jesus is knocking at your door, please answer, don't decline. 
Give God your life and in him everything you need you will find. 
Time is of the essence. Get right with God or get left behind.
It's time to get on the right path, nothing is more important than your salvation. Only if you want "Heaven" to be your final destination. 
Seek him today, tomorrow may be to late. 
Only the Lord knows our earthly expiration date.  
Heaven is real, so is Hell, don't live carelessly...
Why would you take a chance with your eternity?! 
If you died today would you go to heaven its time to stop playing with God and get right.
Tomorrow isn't guaranteed... 
Get right with God and stay right with God, your battles he will fight, walk by faith and not by sight. Obey God, and follow Jesus, and everything will be alright. 
The greatest lie of the devil is you have plenty time to get right with God.
Don't throw your salvation away. Unless you want to join the devil in everlasting torment in the lake of fire, Don't delay, Tomorrow isn't promised, you better get right with God today. 

Copyright© 2015 
Poetic Tiffany Poet 

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Believe beyond what you see...
Keep the Faith, especially when life seems like an unsolved mystery...
In due time you will look back and these trials will be history. 
God favors you. 
His strength reside in you, his strength will see you through. 
Focus on the Cross, Remember the sacrifice...
Stay strong and know you can do all things through Christ...🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽


Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Poetically Thinking"

I'm suffocating feeling trapped like I'm on house arrest...
Lord please release me from the pain, there is so much weighing on my chest. 
The burdens of life can cause me a great amount of stress...
Sleep is sold separately, lord I need some rest. 
These circumstances are hard to digest...
Life can be depressing but I'm trying hard as hell not to be depressed. 
Setbacks are always on time just when I think I've made progress...
Lord hear my cry and answer my request ...
The devil tries to get me at my best. 
The devil is a liar I will not submit to his lies and deceit I will not invest
Life is full of trials and test, yet I'm still blessed. 

Copyright© 2015 
Poetic Tiffany Poet 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Who Am I?

First and foremost I'm a child of God...
I may not be a bible scholar but I can speak the word when days are odd. 
Who am I? Someone whose chasing her dream. Who Am I? The Daughter Of A King. 
I am a fighter whose fighting in the army of the Lord. Who am I? Someone who believes a train is coming and I don't need a ticket to get on board. 
I am a someone whose lost so much but believes by faith it will all be restored. 
I've learned in life if I'm going through hell I must keep pressing forward. 
I am someone whose always inspired. I love to inspire and I live to be a positive inspiration. 
I am on a journey and the road I'm traveling is bumpy, and full of curves but Jesus have taken the wheel and I will get to my destination. This is my affirmation. I'm Just trying to reach my Destiny.....
Who are you really Tiffany? 
I am someone who believes that patience and faith is the key. 
I am a person who believes in all things I hope for but yet I don't see. 
I'm a voice to some, people have said I'm a blessing. I'm a beautiful soul who believes that Jesus has set us free. I am someone who cries when I think about Jesus on Calvary...
I am some who dies daily and carries her cross faithfully. 
I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus loves me. 
I'm just a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody who can save anybody....
Copyright© 2015
Poetic Tiffany Poet 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"Keep Pressing"

Life is always going to throw problems your way, and all you gotta do is push through it. 
God didn't bring you this far, for you to quit. 
Even at your worst you still have to find a way to grind and push through until you succeed. God loves you so much keep the faith and believe. 
Don't you dare give up, PUSH your way through and PRAISE your through. Focus on God and know on the other side there is a Blessing waiting for YOU!
At Times My human nature causes me to start stressing. 
But, My faith in God outweighs it all, and I keep pressing. 
Copyright© 2015
Poetic Tiffany Poet

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I Hear You Lord

"Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer."
I'm calling on your name, because your word  says cast all my cares because you care. 
We mustn't become of this world, let us not submit to sin, lies and sneaking. 
Unplug and listen, God is speaking. 
The Holy Spirit is trying to reach your heart, allow God in. 
If you hear God, stop. Don't move. Just listen.
Tell the devil he can have the world just give me Jesus, make the right choice. 
Don't be so busy with worldly things and become destracted and not hear God's voice.  
Nobody said that life would be easy, some days will be hard and odd. 
Hear what others have to say, but listen to God.

Copyright© 2015
Poetic Tiffany Poet

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"He Knows My Name"

Lord I'm coming to you in a poetic request...
For the duration of the year can you make my pain less. 
Enlarge my territory free me from stress negativity and mess. 
So much I don't understand but my grandma told we will understand it better by and by. 
I'm praying hard for a miracle I believe my needs you will supply...
My faith has always been the driving force in my life the outcome I never see. 
Lord this is my plea just remember me...
Lord you live in me therefore you know emotionally and physically I'm so tired. 
Lord upon this request I'm aware that to whom much is given, much is required. 
Use me lord, especially when my heart feels like an icebox and my emotions seems frozen. 
Many are called, but few are chosen.
I am one of the few chosen, handpicked by you...
So I will go where you want me to go no matter what I'm going through..
Lord I'm Not asking you for riches such as gold or silver. 
Just September, October, November, and December from this pit lord please deliver 
I know whose I am. My vision is clear thank you that it's No longer a blur. 
A song writer once said he knows my name, well, father God from September to December all, I ask is for my name to be remembered. 

Copyright© 2015
Poetic Tiffany Poet 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

"Love Never Fails"

Dear someone, you may feel like your going through hell...
Keep Going...
Don't Stop...
This is a test...
Soon to be a Testimony to tell. 
The devil wants you broken down...
Please don't buy the lies he's trying to sell...
You maybe delayed but by faith you will excel...
God Loves You. And...
It is Well...
God is Love...
Love Never Fails. 

Copyright© 2015
Poetic Tiffany Poet 

Friday, September 4, 2015

"Poetically Thinking"

Sometimes even my soul looks back and wonder how I got over. 
But it was all you lord you carried me when I couldn't see and my vision was a blur ...
Though I may fall. Though I may stumble...
Everything about God keeps me grounded and humble. 
I owe him too much to fail him and crumble...
God is my all in all in every season. 
So today as I adjust my crown, pray and praise I know through it all Jesus is the reason....

Copyright© 2015
Poetic Tiffany Poet 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"My Jesus"

I feel like a hard emotional empty shell, unhappy with the image I see. 
But a soft voice speaks to me and says, I am your God. Your created in the image of me
Lord you have made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.
Living in a world full of hate positivity is hard to pursue... 
So I Just keep asking myself: What would Jesus do?
I feel like I'm about to crash Jesus take the wheel to you I surrender my mind body and soul. 
My faith speaks and says Anything under God's control is never out of control.
Sometimes I feel like no soul in this world can grasp all the things that I go through...
But My Jesus, whispers again...
"The cross is God taking on flesh and blood and saying, "Me too"...
Copyright© 2015
Poetic Tiffany Poet 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Damaged But Not Destroyed"

Some people see me and they see all smiles and fashionable, some see a young lady that's amicable others may see impractical but yet understandable. 
But as my reflection stares back at me I see damaged I see destroyed hurt and annoyed but, classifiable my life is completely Unimaginable. 
I knew from the start my life wouldn't never be as I anticipated or imagined 
I feel like I've been eaten alive by the worlds biggest dragon. 
We aren't suppose to question God but I often wonder why did this and that have to happen. 
What feels like my Damaged and destroyed  has me saddened. 
When it comes to pain I'm most definitely prone. 
At times I wonder if it s curse on me if so has it grown?
I could be in a room full of people and feel like I'm alone. I'm a damaged human being, the funny thing about life is it's impossible to postpone. 
I believe in God. I believe God. But, my human nature has me in fearing the unknown. 
I receive text from people pretending to be apologetic, that has my mind blown but I kindly delete because in my eyes it wasn't passionate. When your down you'll see the abandonment. I will not be the devil's advocate ....  
I just Pray hard God keep me in my element. 
There are times I wonder if I'm really human or I'm just a damaged human being with a good heart...
Sometimes I wish I could just restart or even depart. 
So many things about my life I wish I could set apart 
Life has a way of these forthcoming thoughts. 
Giving up I will Not. 
Although my life seems like a maze I will eventually connect the dots. 
As I pray Lord please untangle me from thaws knots. 
I feel as if I'm functioning but barely, instantly I'm guilty because someone has it worse, but that's just the mood I feel. Yet, at the end of the day my pain remains still and very real. 
Lately I'm Super annoyed and full of emotions including stress anxiety tension  strain and distress. 
When you going through so much and people allow evilness in and they become possessed. 
It's hard as hell not to become heartless. 
I'm just  a damaged human being, trying to make the best out of the cards I was dealt.
 I have a lot under my belt. 
One day God will prefect my testimony and I can speak on how I feel not just how I felt. 
I'm feeling as if I'm actually a pretty damaged human being. I just never  show people this side.  
My feelings to God and my ink I confide. 
At times I think I'm destroyed I'm so ready for a God to answer my prayers I'll be gratefully overjoyed. 
When it's all said and done Damaged But Not Destroyed, if it's Not of God I avoid. 
Complicated, tiresome, heartbreaking my life just isn't fair. 
But his Grace is Sufficient and my life isn't beyond repair. 

Copyright© 2015
Poetic Tiffany Poet